LED Red and Infrared Light Panel from LightPath


LED Red and Infrared Light Panel from LightPath


Experience the benefits of red light and infrared light with the LightPath LED full-size panel. This panel is modular, powerful and is available in variant wavelength combinations. Note: without further instruction, this panel will be purchased as a combination red / NIR light.


Experience the power of Red Light Therapy (photobiomodulation) with the LightPath LED full length panel.

Red light therapy is a hot new topic in the field of health and wellness, though truthfully red light devices (otherwise as photobiomodulation) have been around for decades. We are all familiar with grow lights for plants that are grown indoors, a similar concept applies to red light devices which are a combination of red and infrared wavelengths. Read all about the benefits of red light and infrared light here!

The Lightpath large panel has optional wavelengths – choose between multi-wavelength and red/NIR wavelengths. For more information about the parameters of this device and the research behind it, see here. 

  • Wavelengths 660 / 850 (Red and NIR light).
  • 180 bulbs
  • 120 diodes
  • Doe not pulse
  • Can switch between wavelengths
  • Power: 5 Watt bulb capacity and 2.1 Watts per bulb
  • Irradiance of 168mw/cm2 at 6 inches
  • Housing is iron casing (matte silver finish) which gives durability and longevity
  • EMF < .09 ut at 6 inches
  • No Flicker
  • Modular Capability (multiple panels can be stacked/joined to cover larger area)
  • Double chip gives a better overall coverage
  • 30 degree angle beam allows for more focused energy and less energy loss

Please note this product is not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or condition.


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