How I do ‘Bulletproof’ coffee (buttery, collagen coffee!)

You may have heard – you may not… that butter added to coffee packs a really surprising punch! Introduced to the western world by Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof – ‘Bulletproof’ coffee has taken over cafes and kitchens around the world.

Although this is a new trend to the west, Himalayan populations have been drinking similar brews for centuries. Asprey first discovered the traditional butter tea in Tibet – called po cha – this drink is made by churning fermented black tea with salty yak butter.

Personally I like to brew a long black using my Delonghi Magnifica, slice about a teaspoon of grass fed butter and blend it up with a tablespoon of collagen protein powder in my Nutribullet. The collagen powder makes the coffee creamier and makes it taste more like a latte.

Poured into a large mug, I enjoy my morning coffee uninterrupted (if possible) for as long as possible before diving into the day. Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee is slightly different – he also recommends MCT (medium chain triglyceride coconut oil) be included too. I’ve personally just found that coconut oil in my coffee gives me an upset stomach. 

But is it healthy? Butter has been given a new lease on life in health circles. Widely recognised for its unique compound of healthy vitamins such as k2 and healthy fats. 

While dairy products have gotten a bad rap for being difficult to digest, butter is usually okay for most people to digest in small amounts – even if they are dairy or lactose intolerant. This is because butter contains only trace amounts of lactose. 

As fats are famously slow to digest, combining your morning coffee with fat is a great way to slow the release of caffeine into your system, resulting in a longer lasting ‘hit’. 

Popular among paleo, low carb and ketogenic diets, buttery coffee is often used as a meal replacement for breakfast. While it technically does break a fast if you are intermittent fasting (straight black coffee is generally considered okay for fasting) it is a low-carb way to see you through the morning.  

We’d love to know, how do you drink your coffee?


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