About Us

Welcome to The Body Bank, my lifelong passion for health and wellness that I am so thrilled to now be sharing with you!

The Body Bank is a result of my own experiences with gut  health, skin health and many years of research, trial and error and a yearning to share what I have learned with people just like you! 

As a teenager I suffered serious acne, needing medication to keep it under control – how I wish I knew back then what I know now! An understanding of how our gut-health is linked to our skin (and our emotions) has lead to a slight obsession with different products and techniques to optimise mine and my family’s health.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism helped me with the research tools needed to sift through the mountains of information out there to find the really good stuff. Our own philosophy here at The Body Bank is based on Ayurvedic wisdom and a deep appreciation for nature’s innate healing abilities – whilst also embracing new technologies such as red light therapy. There truly are life-changing products out there if you know where to look and listen to what your body needs!

Having healed my own children from gut health imbalances, parasites and skin rashes due to food sensitivities, I know the effort (psychologically and physically) involved in sticking with these processes. We tried GAPS, FODMAP, Paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, egg-free, sugar and additive-free and still, we are constantly trying new products, foods and lifestyle techniques to get the most out of our bodies. 

Now in my thirties, my personal focus is on healthy ageing, collagen enhancement and maintaining a youthful complexion. Gut health and emotional wellness is critical to ensuring my overall health and my family’s health – I love sharing what I have learned and the products that have been instrumental along the way. 

I would love to help you learn more about skin and gut health – and share simple tools and products that will help you implement these changes into your lifestyle. 

Investing in your body will be the most important investment you will ever make! 


You simply cannot have great skin if your digestive system and your emotional health are not happy - your skin is a reflection of your internal wellness.

The Body Bank